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Dog Boarding

A home-from-home while you’re away

Whether you’re away at work all day, away at a family or social event or away on holiday or for the weekend –  MAD About Dogs Wirral can help. Our Doggy Day Care and Dog Boarding is a home-from-home service for your furry friend so they can fit right in, relax and feel right at home, just as they would do in yours.


It’s like being at a very special doggy holiday camp.

They’ll get lots of fuss, attention and cuddles – and fun playtime with us and our other dogs. Plus, they’ll have the full run of our secure garden and get at least 1 great walk every day, so when they return to you, they’ll probably just fall blissfully asleep.


Peace of mind for your pet

We’ve a lifetime’s experience of caring for animals and you have the reassurance that MAD About Dogs Wirral is fully insured and Disclosure and Barring Service checked. Our Doggy Day Care and Dog Boarding are inspected by Wirral Borough Council and then approved, licensed and certified – so your dog is safe and secure in a lovely home environment. 

Dog Boarding

Don't like the idea of boarding kennels? Neither do we! At MAD we are mad about dogs, so when they come to board with us, it’s a home from home service what welcomes them.  Even if your doggy sleeps in your bed... that will happen here too.  Happy days, Happy nights, Happy doggies!


  • 24-hour supervision

  • At least one walk

  • Love, cuddles and playtime

  • Socialisation with other furry friends

  • Snooze time

  • Feeding time

  • Updates to you on text and Facebook

  • Snapshots sent to you too if you want

  • Fully enclosed garden with CCTV


Dog Boarding food: I can feed them with my own food (£1.50 extra) or yours. It’s best to bring your own food for your dog so there’s no tummy upset from a change of diet. We’ll feed your dog at the time you usually do so their routine is kept similar.

Dog boarding sleep: You can bring your dog’s bed and any of their favourite toys. If you don’t want to bring their own bed, it would be good to bring an old t-shirt or towel with your familiar scent so your dog feels happy and secure and settles easier. 

We accept small to medium-sized, sociable, house-trained dogs. 

See ‘What’s the difference between kennels and dog boarding?’ It may surprise you.

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