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 Doggy Day Care

Leave your doggy with us for the day (or half a day) while you're out.  He'll have a walk and a great time with friends and company throughout the day. Our Doggy Day Care is exactly the same excellent standard of care as our Dog Boarding, but without the overnight stay.

Your dog is welcomed into our home and treated as part of our family, so they’ll have access to our garden, at least one walk, constant attention and of course lots of cuddles. 


We know that in winter it can be a struggle to get home in time to walk your dog. It’s dark when you leave the house and when you arrive home and the weather can be miserable. So let us look after your dog for you. Drop your dog off before work and collect them at the end of your day anytime between 7:30am/10:00am and 4:30pm/ 6:00 pm. 


  • Full supervision

  • At least one walk

  • Love, cuddles and playtime

  • Socialisation with other furry friends

  • Snooze time

  • Feeding time

  • Updates to you on text and Facebook

  • Images sent to you too if you want


We accept small to medium-sized, sociable, house-trained dogs. 

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