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Cat Sitting 
Feline Friend

Most cats love their home.   So don’t stress them with the trauma of travelling or board them in a strange cattery full of other competing cats.

Let your cat relax

I can feed your cat, empty litter trays, help them play with their toys, groom them if needed and give them the TLC they deserve whilst you are away.

I'll agree with you how much food your cat should eat and any medication that it may be on, how much exercise it should have and your vet's contact details in case of emergencies.

Vaccinations not up to date?  While their jabs are always a good idea, they're not needed if we're just doing Cat Visits or Cat Sitting.  Most well run catteries won't accept your cat if their vaccinations aren't up to date.

Cats can get highly stressed when their "territory" is invaded by other cats.  So catteries are not the best environment for your cat.  Let them relax and we can visit them in your home.

Property Security

Your safety and security matters.  I will never arrive at your property in a car that advertises that I am a pet sitter. 

For your peace of mind, I will always ensure that your home looks ‘lived in’ whilst you are away: so I’ll puts lights on, put your bins out etc. I can visit anytime and as many times as you want.

Key in the Lock
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