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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some helpful answers to Frequently Asked Questions about MAD About Dogs. Want to know more? Just contact me: I’m happy to help.

1. Will you continue the discipline I’ve enforced for my dog?

Yes. I will carry on any training that you have started. I have a Professional Diploma in Dog Walking and Pet Home Sitting. I have also been trained to a very high level to understand Dog Behaviour. I also volunteer for Therapy Dogs Nationwide with 2 dogs owned by me ​

I will take responsibility for any dog when it is in my care. I am fully insured, CRB checked and a qualified first aider. 


2. What food will you give my dog?

We will feed dogs that are boarding overnight either with our own food (£1.50 extra per night) or with your dog food. It is best if you bring your own food for your dog. That way there is no tummy upset due to a change of diet.


3. Can you give my dog its medication?

Yes. To keep your dog happy, keep it’s routine and keep their meds working, we will give your dog its medication as the same time as it would normally receive it

4. Do you do doggy day care?

Yes. We can help look after your dog whether you’re at work all day or you just can’t get the time to walk your dog. Our home-from home Doggy Day Care service makes them feel right at home. They can run around our garden will have at least 1 walk and of course lots of love and cuddles. See Doggy Day Care.


5. How do I know if MAD About Dogs is safe for Doggy Day Care and Dog Boarding?

At MAD About Dogs Wirral our Doggy Day Care and Dog Boarding are inspected by Wirral Borough Council and then approved, licenced and certified – so your dog is safe and secure in our happy home. We have a lifetime’s experience of looking after pets –  and you have the added peace of mind that we’re Disclosure and Barring Service  checked and fully insured.

6. Do you do dog boarding?

Yes. Whether you’re away with work, away at a family or social event or away on holiday or for the weekend – at MAD About Dogs Wirral we can look after your dog. It’s a home-from-home service, so  your furry friend so they can fit right in, can play, get at least 2 walks – love fuss and cuddles are compulsory. See Dog Boarding.


7. Can you look after more than one dog?

Yes. It’s natural that if you’ve more than one dog that you want you want them to be together. MAD About Dogs Wirral isn’t like a kennels where even dogs from the same family are separated.  We’ll keep your pets together so they can play, run walk and do everything together just as they would at home. See ‘What’s the difference between kennels and dog boarding?’ It will surprise you.

8. I’m not certain, can I try Dog Day Care or Dog Boarding?

Yes. Just call us and come and see your dog’s home-from-home for yourself. If you’re still not sure, then perhaps a trial day or overnight stay would suit you best to see if your dog is happy and settles in with the rest of our human and furry family.

9. I can’t get to you, but I still want Doggy Day Care or Dog Boarding – can you help?

Don’t worry: we can collect your pretty pooch or handsome hound – we’re fully insured to pick up and drop off.  Cost is £2.50 extra per collection(Wirral area)

10. What’s the difference between kennels and dog boarding?

It’s the difference between a holiday camp and a government holiday camp. Just like in prison, in kennels your dog would have a concrete cell with bars and a water bowl. If it needs to go to the toilet, then it goes in the cell until it’s washed out maybe hours later, by which time your dog may have trod and lay on in it – which at best would be mucky and horrible for the skin and fur – and at worst could cause parvo virus, whipworms, hookworms. roundworms, giardia and coccidian.

11. Will I meet you before you come to collect my dog for the first time?

Yes – I will arrange with you to visit your home and meet you and your dog. It’s a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and you can see how well I get on with your dog. I’ll give you copies of any information that you may need to know about me.


Please feel free to ask me any questions – I know that your furry friend is an important part of your family, so I want you to feel completely confident with me.


I will also ask you to complete a simple booking form so you know that I have all the important information about you and your dog. I want you to be 100% happy before making a booking with me.

12. Do you walk dogs with special needs?

Yes, I happily walk all dogs – puppies, senior dogs, nervous dogs and dogs who don’t like other dogs around them.

If your dog isn’t happy in the company of other dogs, then it’s best to have a solo walk. I know lots of places not frequented by other dog walkers which would suit your dog and keep them calmer.


Whatever is right for your dog is fine by me. It may be that a 30 minute home visit before the walk starts is more suitable than a standard walk. This is just until your dog gets used to me and feels comfortable.

13. Do I need to be at home for you to collect my dog?

No. If you are happy, I will keep a spare key to your home so that I can collect and drop off your dog when you are out.

This key will be kept securely in my house and away from any personal information that can identify your property. Talking of your personal information, of course with Mad About Dogs, it never be sold or shared with third parties, in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


If you do not wish to take advantage of the spare key service, we will need arrange for someone to give us access to your dog when we arrive to walk them.

14. Do you walk dogs off the lead?

It’s entirely up to you. Generally I do walk dogs off the lead – as it’s recommended by veterinary professionals, gives dogs much better exercise and they tend to enjoy it more, exploring different places and sniffing out exciting smells.


If your dog is a little bit rusty on being recalled, then I can keep them on a long lead to let them run and play in safety.


With your agreement, I will also attach my own ID tag or collar to your dog whilst it’s in my care. This will give my contact details in case of emergency.


I know how precious your furry friend is, so don’t worry. Only when I’ve your written consent and when I judge it is safe, will I let your dog off lead.

15. What do you do in case of emergency?

I will at first call you to discuss the situation and agree a plan of action.  If you can't be reached and your dog requires urgent medical attention, I will take your dog to the vet previously designated by you, or the nearest to my current location.  Please note that it is your responsibility to settle or reimburse charges for any treatment or veterinary care when I return your dog.

15. What happens in bad weather?

Based on our initial meeting, I can manage bad weather days in different ways. If your dog hates getting wet, I can delay the walk until later the same day if time allows, or switch to a home visit and some indoor playing.

If your dog isn’t bothered by rain – we get wet! I bring towels with me, so I will clean up and dry off your dog as much as possible on our return.

If possible, please leave out a towel for a final rub down of your dog on arrival back at your home.

16. I only require occasional walks for my dog, not every week or every day, can you help?

Yes – once I’ve met you and your dog and we’ve had a trial walk, you can use my services as often or as little as you want. It’s best to give as much notice as possible, so I know that I can fit you into my diary.

17. What happens if my Dog Walker is away or unwell?

At Mad About Dogs Wirral we are quick thinking on our four feet, so we have a contingency plan.

Illness: I am very fit and healthy, but if I suddenly became ill and couldn’t walk your dog, then I’d contact another dog walker to step in for me. While I can’t guarantee that another dog walker will be available – no-one can ever guarantee that – I’ve never yet had a situation where we haven’t been able to help: dog walkers are helpful by nature!


Away: If you’re a regular customer, I will try to give you at least a month's notice of a planned holiday or absence. I can also give you details of other dog walkers in your area that I’m sure that you would be happy with.

Just call me on 07973756970. You can ask me anything about Mad About Dogs’ services. We can then arrange a 'meet and greet' at your home or ideally a neutral place, so you can be confident that your furry friend will be happy with me and my dogs– I have a way with dogs that has them wagging their tails in no time!


We can talk about what you need for your dog and if they have any special needs. That’s it. I can then walk your dog, visit and play with them or take them to the vet. It’s all part of the Mad About Dogs service.

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