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Best in class

Now you’ve an extra reason to be glad you chose MAD..


Your dog will now be looked after by a qualified dog trainer.

I’ve studied, passed all the exams and the hours of practical tests.

So now I’m a fully accredited member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) including accredited certification with the Open College Network London for ‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour'.


This means that I’m qualified to both train dogs and help change their behaviour.


How will this help my dog?

Well, it gives you extra reassurance and confidence that you’ve made the right choice. MAD is a fully licensed dog boarder and dog walker. You may be shocked to find that not every dog boarder is licensed – so they’re not insured and ultimately the person who’d lose out would be you.


So whenever we look after your dog, we’re using the IMDT principles of ‘positive enforcement’.


What is ‘positive reinforcement’?

It means that when you use MAD for Doggy Day Care, Dog Boarding and for Dog Walks, your dog gets the best care possible. Because encouraging – positive reinforcement – is best for your dog.  So at MAD even though we’re not training your dog, we still use the principles of positive reinforcement and reward based training in everything we do, every day with every dog.



What does ‘positive reinforcement’ mean for my dog in practice?

* We don’t use any methods or equipment that may cause any physical or mental discomfort.​ 

* We do use positive reinforcement and promote force-free training. So your dog always receives the right attention, training, encouragement, praise and affection. 


Does MAD offer dog training or changing dog behaviour courses?

Not at the moment.  In the future, we plan to offer 1:1 individual dog training and changing dog behaviour courses. The courses will be constructive and practical – and given with care, kindness and positive reinforcement. Look out for MAD announcement posts on Facebook.


Is my dog too old to have dog training?

No. The adage that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is an urban myth. If we can learn as adults, dogs can too. They just need the right encouragement and incentive. Sure it’s best that they have the training when they’re young – but they’re never too old.


Who can train my dog?

At MAD we are always here to help. So we’re always available to help identifying any issues. While we’re not offering any courses at MAD, we can put you in touch with other experienced IMDT colleagues to help with dog training or behaviour issues. 

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