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Meet my own MAD dogs:

walkies (1).png

Minty – Our 7 year old Tri coloured English Springer Spaniel. Always loves a cuddle, and is very good at giving the 'puppy dog eyes' when she needs to! Minty certainly likes to act the Mummy of the pack and lives up to the role with most of our guest dogs too!

twiglet .png

Twiglet – Our 5 year old Black & White English Springer Spaniel, Minty's niece! As dopey as anything and is also very good at giving the 'puppy dog eyes' when she needs to, just like her Auntie! Twiglet loves the outdoors and will always be up for a walk!

twiglet  (1).png

Bailey – Our 8 year old little boy chihuahua. This boy definitely likes to think he is top dog he has so much confidence. Also a therapy dog, Bailey does fortnightly visits to homes for the elderly. He loves attention and most of all, sleeping under the covers!

twiglet  (2).png

Candy – Our 5 year old girl chihuahua. Little sister to Bailey, and our little 'princess'... because she acts like one! spoilt rotten like her brother she's very playful and loves playing with her squeaky toys!

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