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Dog Sitting

The best kennels for your dog is the home it already lives in.  It keeps your dog's current home routine exactly the same when you are away.  So your dog will get regular toilet breaks and exercise – just as if you were there with them.  I can visit as many times as you wish, continue the same walks, feeding times, play times and of course give your pet all the affection that it's used to. 

I can pop in to give your dog any medication it needs at the same time that you would normally give it.


As well as this, your home will be a much more protected place in your absence. 

Puppy Sitting
Most people pick up a puppy at 8 weeks from a breeder as puppies should be with their mother until 8 weeks.
So from 8 to 12 weeks, a new puppy is still not able to go for walks.  I can visit them at your home for play time and feeding time.  Of course I will also clean up any mess they make.
Once your dog has had their vaccinations, I can help them to 'socialise' – meet other dogs – as all my own dogs have a lovely temperament.
Puppy and Dog Security

I will never let your puppy or dog out into your back garden without prior permission.


I will always check first that your garden is secure and make sure all is well before letting your dog or puppy outside.  


I will also not leave them unattended.

Property Security

Your safety and security matters.  I will never arrive at your property in a car that advertises that I am a pet sitter. 


For your peace of mind, I will always ensure that your home looks ‘lived in’ while you are away: so I’ll switch the lights on and off, put your bins out, bring your mail off the doormat and water your plants. I’ll even put the radio on to imply activity of people inside.

Key in the Lock
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